• Grape no Mori talks and dinner buffet

  • ★ Here is the contents of the buffet.Some changes may be made by purchase.

    • Coriander salad

      Coriander salad


      We used a lot of Pakuchi which is one of the trend food of this year abundantly.Spicy hot dressing is excellent with compact!

    • Tofu salad tuna sauce

      Tofu salad tuna sauce


      Isoflavone plenty ☆ Isoflavone works like a female hormone and has a beauty effect! It is a healthy dish tailored with tuna sauce that makes regular tofu salad refreshing

    • Kohada's Carpaccio

      Kohada's Carpaccio


      It is a dinner time limited menu ☆ It is recommended for accompanying sake! Come along with a course with an all-you-can-drink alcoholic beverage!

    • Namuru with green vegetables and moyashi

      Namuru with green vegetables and moyashi

    • Sashimi Konnyaku and soaked in wakame and enoki

      Sashimi Konnyaku and soaked in wakame and enoki


      It is a low-calorie dish most suitable for one item.

    • Various skewers

      Various skewers


      Chickens also have skewers, skewer in wing and pork caterpillar skewers available.

    • chirashi sushi

      chirashi sushi


      We use Sagoshi for lunchtime and autumn sweetfish for dinner time.

    • Salt dalletchin

      Salt dalletchin


      ☆ It is a menu with dinner time limit ☆ Plus salt sauce to fruity fried chicken, finished in a dish suitable also for rice and sake!

    • Seasonal pound cake

      Seasonal pound cake


      Sweet potato, pumpkin, cake using seasonal ingredients appeared daily.

    • Black sugar pudding

      Black sugar pudding


      It looks like a mini Daifuku, but the taste is a pudding.Try it.

    • Saba radish

      Saba radish


      It is the most popular for side dishes prepared for autumn menu.A dish that makes me feel the taste of the mum.

    • Dried fish dried

      Dried fish dried


      Dinner time limited menu ☆ It is perfect for accompanying sake and shochu ☆ You can choose from a selection of more than about 20 kinds of domestic liquor sake, shochu (potato / wheat), plum wine and yuzu sake ☆ Of course others There is also alcohol available ◎

    • Kato



      Curry · Miso soup · White rice · Mihigashi dinner

    • Tempur Corner

      Tempur Corner


      Eggplant, onion, sweet potato, mai, prawns etc.

    • Teppan-yaki corner

      Teppan-yaki corner


      Fried noodles, fried rice, fried rice bacon and garlic rice etc.

    • Boiled eggplant and thick fried eggwort

      Boiled eggplant and thick fried eggwort

    • Yogurt

    • Cheddar cheese, candy cheese

    • Three kinds of fruits


      Orange, grapefruit, pineapple are three kinds.

    • Warabimonchi, Kuzumaki

    • Savory egg custard

      Savory egg custard


      Talks and a classic menu.This autumn is mushrooms.

    • Ochazuke Corner

      Ochazuke Corner


      Poultry, Wasabi, pickles, plum plum, hail, glue